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The Journey of Excellence

In this fast-paced world, where success and achievement are highly valued, the concept of discipline and excellence often takes center stage. Lets dive into the world of discipline, excellence, and the art of "sticking with it-ness."

Setting the Standard:

The importance of setting a standard that scares you. There is a necessity in committing to a level of excellence that pushes us out of our comfort zone. This commitment serves as the foundation for success. Discipline, in this context, is not about achieving perfection but about striving for greatness, even in the face of adversity.


The Journey, Not the Destination:

One of the central themes in this conversation is the idea that greatness is a journey, not a destination. The journey of excellence involves continuous improvement and growth. Focusing on making daily, weekly, and monthly progress toward our goals is the key. It's not about waking up one day and magically arriving at greatness; it's about consistent effort and determination.


The Challenge of Leadership:

The challenges of leadership and the fear that often accompanies setting high standards. There are challenges in moving up to a higher level of leadership  Level four leadership involves giving without expecting immediate returns, which can be daunting. It's a reminder that true leadership requires patience and a long-term perspective.

Habits of Excellence:

To achieve excellence, mastering these three key attributes are important: efficiency, effectiveness, and congeniality. These three qualities make up the formula for success in business. By excelling in at least two of these areas, you can compensate for any shortcomings in the third. However, turning in great work on time, being a pleasure to work with, and maintaining efficiency are all essential elements of this equation.


Staying Informed:

In the pursuit of excellence, staying informed and adapting to change is crucial. An emphais on staying abreast of industry developments and government decisions that could impact your business. Being proactive and seeking out information is a key aspect of staying ahead and ensuring that your work remains excellent.

Lead from Where You Are:

Taking initiative and leading from wherever you are. Whether you have perceived authority or not, making decisions as if you were in charge is a hallmark of excellence. It's a reminder that leadership is not limited to those with titles but is a mindset that anyone can embrace.

The Habit of Stick-with-It-Ness: T

Lastly the habit of "stick-with-it-ness." This involves committing to your goals, making them public, and holding yourself accountable. It's about taking the long view and not succumbing to impulsive changes that can hinder progress. Instead, it's about innovating thoughtfully and staying disciplined in your pursuit of excellence. Conclusion:

This Tuesday Tea is a reminder that excellence, discipline, and the journey to greatness are all interconnected. Success is not an overnight achievement but the result of consistent effort, setting high standards, and being open to growth and change. As we enter the last 69 days of the year, let's embrace the mindset of excellence and commit to the path of discipline that leads to our goals, both personally and professionally.

Watch the entire show here:  Diciplined Commitment

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