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Rewriting Success: The Power of Humility, Hunger, and Hustle

In today's fast-paced world, the rules of success are being rewritten. We are embracing the power of humility, hunger for self-improvement, and relentless hustle. This blog post explores the wisdom of Brad Laminitis and shares inspiring stories from me as a former Elementary Assistant Principal who now stands among the top 1% in an accessories brand party planning MLM.

  1. Better Traits as the Desired Destination:

Better traits are the desired destination for any leader, but as Brad Laminitis wisely points out, they are not enough on their own. The road to becoming a better leader starts with building better habits. Let's take a look at how this principle applies to our journey.

While transitioning into the world of party planning MLM, I realized that to excel in my new venture, I needed to cultivate new and better habits.  Those habits include effective communication, time management, and resilience. 

  1. The Temptation to Cut Corners:

In our pursuit of leadership and success, there will always be temptations to cut corners or prioritize financial gain over our mission. This is where our hunger for personal growth and values come into play.

Facing moments when I could have taken shortcuts to boost my sales put me at a crossroads.  Commitment to delivering quality products and memorable experiences for my customers and consultants remained unwavering. This dedication to my mission shaped me into a respected leader.

  1. The Power of Consistency:

Consistency is key to leadership. The habits we develop create the foundation for our success. They transform ideas into results and pave the way for long-term growth.

Consistent efforts in business have gradually built a loyal customer base. The habit of regularly reaching out to consultants, offering personalized solutions, and showing genuine care for their needs paid off in the form of steady growth and repeat business.

  1. Making Decisions for Change: 

Life is a series of decisions, and if you want to change your trajectory, you must make a conscious choice to do so. These decisions evolve into habits that define your path.

A decision to step out of my comfort zone as an Assistant Principal and dive into the world of MLM was a pivotal moment. Commitment to this new path and determination to learn and grow became habits that propelled my team to the top 1% in our industry.

  1. Leadership as Habitual Work: 

Leadership isn't just about hard work; it's habitual work. It's about consistently honing your skills, making ethical choices, and staying true to your values.

The journey from an educator to a top-tier MLM leader exemplifies the concept of habitual work. Continuing to learn, adapting, and pushing to be a better leader, proving that anyone can achieve greatness with dedication and the right habits.

Humility, hunger for growth, and unwavering hustle are the guiding lights toward success. Brad Laminitis' wisdom, combined with my real-life experiences as a former Elementary Assistant Principal turned MLM powerhouse, demonstrates that building better habits is the road map to becoming a remarkable leader. So, embrace these principles, make conscious decisions, and watch your habits transform your journey towards success.

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